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Coaching Resources

Coaching Information for the 2016 - 2017 Season

SNEHC New League Rules 

As most of you know SNEHC has replaced what we all knew as the "State League".
This change means some important changes in league play, scheduling and other changes that as a coach you MUST understand.

WJHA Coaching Application

WJHA is accepting coaching applications - this includes House League.

TJ Matola

Coaching Director

Coaches Check List

Please read, review and utilize this CHECK LIST so you know what you need for the 2014-2015 season. This process should start at the BEGINNING of the 2014-2015 season so NO COACH IS “SURPRISED” AFTER DECEMBER 31, 2014 AND HAS TO BE REMOVED FROM COACHING.

Avoiding the 12/31 Coaching Cliff

This sheet lets coaches know what they should do before the December 31 DEADLINE. It includes the links to the places to go on the USA Hockey website.

USA Hockey and WJHA Coaching Certification Obligations

All coaches MUST be compliant with these guidelines - They pertain to the areas of:

  • Background Checks
  • Level Certification
  • Age Specific Modules
  • SafeSport

Head Coach League Compliance Instructions, & "The Book"

For a primer on whats required to coach at WJHA Click Here

WJHA Coaching Application
If you are a coach in any capacity,  and have not already done so, please complete and return as instructed the 2013 - 2014 2012-2013 Coaching Application

Background Checks
ALL coaches must have a back round check done by RIAHA.  Rumor has it RIAHA is not going to sign off on rosters with coaches that have not taken care of this. There is a short on-line form to get this done. To get to the form Click Here

Team "Goalie Coach" Designation
All teams at WJHA must designate one coach as the "Goalie Coach" for that team. Please enter thats persons contact information intoThis Form

Locker Room Proceedures
If you are a coach on either team that is scheduled to take the ice, please help ensure that only two of the four locker rooms are being used, and that they are "non-connecting" rooms. This is very important, as two locker rooms are needed for the next group of players scheduled, and one of them could be a visiting team arriving for a game.

Mite Skills Night
If you are involved in Mite Skills Night PLEASE try and get all players to only use two of the four locker rooms, and that they are non-connecting. On many occasions last year this was not enforced and there was a Bantam game slot right after Mite Skills night which resulted in all kinds of gear having to be moved. 

Rink Safety
Keep the Doors Closed! All penalty box and bench doors should be closed at all times during practice. Prior to any players getting on the ice, one coach should take a quick skate around the rink and ensure that all doors are closed by physically inspecting all bench and penalty box doors. Severe injuries can occur from striking a jam on an open door. 

WJHA Tournament Data Base
Please take a few minutes to share any information you have on tournaments you have attended in the past. This would be most beneficial to newer coaches tasked with trying to find tournaments their teams can attend. To enter in information on tournaments you have attended Click Here

Coaching Guidelines

Updated for the 2014-2015 season and includes SafeSport.

Coaching Certification Level

If you have previously been "Level Certified" but have forgotten your status you can check here

Coaching Clinics

To find an available "Level Certification" clinic and to register for one

Age-Specific Modules

For information on taking a "Module"