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Bantam Program

Bantam Program

Bantams 2003-2004

  • WJHA will field a minimum of 4 teams in SNEHC, 28 game season plus playoffs.
  • Travel Tournament allowance for all Bantam teams, you won’t get this anywhere else!
  • Teams will be placed in SNEHC division according to parity rounds in September
  • 2-3 practices per week, and travel games equals about 4/5 sheets per week!
  • Our players skate more than any league around at a fraction of the cost!
  • Estimated cost for SNEHC teams about the same as 2015/16
  • EJEPL teams will receive an additional set of 2 jerseys, 2 pairs of socks, and a shell
  • 1 Full Season Bantam team will play in the EJEPL in either the Diamond or Futures Division
  • Estimated combined cost for SNEHC and EJEPL team (these are the same teams) $1600 for 48 league games!

If you missed the April try outs for the fall 2014 season, and would like to inquire about playing please Click Here and let us know. 

An Explanantion of "Bantam Hockey"

"Bantam Hockey" is what comes after the Pee Wee level. For some players its merely a continuation of youth hockey but  for many its used as a bridge to High School hockey. 

Please note - There is no "House League" for Bantam players. If your child played Pee Wee House League this past season, and was born in 2003, the program available is Bantam Hockey. 

Bantam Hockey has two seasons
Fall Season - Late August to Mid November
Mid Season - Mid November to Mid March

These are two distinct seasons with new teams formed. 

Fall Season - 
Try outs for the 2016 "Fall Season" will be held in the spring of 2016 in late March and early April. 

WJHA will make as many Bantam teams as the number of players allows. The last few years have yielded 3 teams in the "Fall Season", but this number will not be known until the try outs are held.

In Bantam Hockey there are no players that are beyond 9th graders. For many of the players this 'Fall Season" will be their "tune up" for trying out for a High School hockey team in mid November.

Mid Season -
Try outs for the 2016  - 2017 "Mid Season" will be held in Mid November of 2016. The reason new try outs are held is because players are lost due to making High School teams. "What if my child makes his High School team? Is he done with Bantam hockey?". Not necessarily - that is a question each parent in that situation must answer. The reality is for most freshman, playing time on a High School team will be very limited, because of this many players will opt to play both Bantam hockey and on their High School team for their freshman year. 

Players get two practice sheets per week and and a game per week.

The teams play in the Southern New England Hockey Conference 

To visit the SNEHC Click Here.