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[Covid-19] Thayer Arena Game Day Protocol 

● Players are always to wear helmets and gloves during games to avoid skin to surface contact. 

● Players to maximize social distancing (6’) or wear face coverings while not in play for extended periods. (Not intended when there will be frequent line changes.) ● Anyone comfortable wearing a mask while playing should be encouraged to do so.

● Water Bottles are not to be shared at any time. 

● No personal hockey equipment shall be shared. 

● Players should enter the rear doors near the locker rooms upon arrival, and exit through the front doors after the game 

● Players must wear masks coming to and leaving from games. 

● Showering is not allowed after games. 

● Coaches and volunteers must wear masks during games. 

● Players should come to the rink ready to play. Skates, helmets and gloves can be put on inside the rink. Goalies can dress in the rink but are advised to get on as much equipment as possible before entering. 

● Players will enter the rink once previous game and players have left the rink. Players must remain in the changing area until time to head to the benches. Masks must be worn at all times until helmets are put on. 

● Players/Coaches must exit the arena 10 minutes after the end of their game. No getting undressed in the arena. This holds up the next games!!! Remove Skates and Helmets and please exit through the North Exit facing Sandy Lane. 

● Players and Coaches are responsible for making sure the designated changing area is cleaned up and nothing is left behind. 

● 2 adults per player is allowed. Siblings are allowed in the rink but must stay with parent at all times. Siblings are not allowed to gather in groups or congregate around the rink. Spectators are to stand around the rink glass or stay seated in the stands and social distance at all times. Masks must be worn at all times. Spectators may enter 5 minutes before game time and must exit immediately after game ends 

● Toll Gate Stands are used for Wave/Blues teams, and Pilgrim stands for visitors, locker rooms will not be utilized at this time. 

● Spectators should not congregate outside the main entrance, pre/post-game.

● All on ice game protocols to follow State guidelines.