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House League

House League 2021/2022

WJHA offers House League (or Recreational League) for all levels:

  • Mite – Year of Birth 2013,2014,2015

  • Squirt - Year of Birth  20011,2012

  • Pee Wee - Year of Birth 2009, 2010

Starts in October runs through February 

To register for House League please visit our registration form once its been posted (around mid summer for House League)

House League provides an excellent opportunity for players of all skill levels to play hockey in a format that promotes skating with the puck and individual creativity in a pressure free atmosphere that emphasizes HAVING FUN!


  • Teams are created so that they are all as balanced as possible

  • Each team's lines are "set" with players of equal ability playing each other

  • Lines change every 90 seconds - a buzzer sounds and the next line goes out

  • Players are encouraged to try different positions

  • There is a regular season schedule with play offs in the end

House League is structured so that the 1st lines only play against each other, 2nd lines play against each other, and then 3rd lines against each other which we accomplish by having 1 minute to one minute thirty second shifts with a forced line change. This insures players of like size & ability play against each other. House League Teams are divided fairly by way of player evaluations at the beginning of the season to keep the competition equal. We do not hold a 'draft' by coaches for House League teams; instead, teams are equally assigned and all players will be placed on a team. Additionally, all players will be given equal playing time during games, regardless of game situations.


House League Teams will skate twice per week with 1 practice and 1 game per week.

  • Mites – Practice Saturday Morning – Games Wednesday Nights

  • Squirt - Practice Saturday morning– Games Mon. night

  • Pee Wee - Practice Saturday morning – Games Mon. night

House League starts in early October (after Columbus Day holiday) and ends in March with our House League Championship Night. Championship Night will typically be held the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday in March.  Jerseys are provided for our House League teams.


Each player is required to have the following properly fitted equipment.

  • Hockey skates which have been sized for the player's feet

  • HECC approved helmet, with a full face mask, properly fitted and internal mouth piece

  • Elbow, shoulder, knee pads & Hockey pants

  • Hockey Gloves & Hockey stick