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Updated Covid-19 Protocols

remember rink protocols supersede RI Hockey's recommendations

West Warwick Civic Center Protocol

Below is a link to the most recent WW Civic Center Protocol 12/21/2020 until 1/8/2021, Here are a few key points:

  • A cloth face covering is required 100% of the time anyone is on the property of the WW Civic Center, this does include during active play.
  • IMMEDIATELY All organizations are to submit a team roster with the name of the team the practice days and times or game dates and times that they are using the facility.  The rosters must include the correct contact information of each participant and coach's name, email, and phone number.  
  • Every time you enter the facility it is required to go to the town website, or the direct link or use the QR code to fill out the online Covid-19 form.   
  • No spectators are allowed at practices.
  • At this time Locker Rooms will remain closed. Coaches and participants are to dress and undress fully at home or in the parking lot. ONLY helmets, gloves and skates are to be put on and off by the participant or coach in the building. NO HOCKEY/ DUFFLE BAGS ARE TO BE BROUGHT IN THE BUILDING. Please make it very clear to the participants they are not to be putting their equipment on in the building. ONLY PARTICPANTS AND COACHES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE LOWER AREA DESIGNATED AS THE PLAYERS AREA. If a participant needs their skates tied by a nonparticipant, it must be done outside the entry door the players are entering. West Warwick Civic Center Management plans to revisit the spectators, locker room and hockey bags rules in place after January 8th 2021. 
  • Cloth face coverings are required

Warwick Thayer/Warburton Protocol

There are some changes to the rink protocols.  Please read the following carefully.  Some of these are updates to the previous protocol, other items are included for emphasis

  • Face masks must be worn by everyone even when skating
  • No out of state teams for games or practice scrimmages
  • Stable groups of 30
  • Screening of all participants
  • No spectators for rentals (except for 18 & under league games 2 spectators per player, plus siblings)
  • Entering no more than 10 minutes before ice time
  • Immediately exiting the building after your ice time
  • Equipment must be put on outside and taken off outside(with the exceptions of skates)
  • If coaches are working with multiple groups they are required to stay 14 feet from players.  Coaches must wear masks at all time
  • Locker Rooms will still be closed 

Rhode Island Hockey's Recommendations - Rink protocols supersede these recommendations

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Ice Hockey Specific Game Modifications:

The below modifications shall be implemented as Ice Hockey specific supplements to the “Reopening RI” Return to Play RI: Phase III youth, adult, & school sports guidelines dated 9-11-20 and Governor Raimondo’s Executive Order. In addition, participants must adhere to all State and Municipal Guidelines where their activities are being held. 

  • Players, coaches, and officials are required to wear face coverings at all times. Acceptable face coverings should follow CDC Guidance. Hockey specific Helmet products are understood to be acceptable.

  • No more than (2) parents or guardians of the athlete and the athlete’s siblings may be present at an event. This is subject to individual rink restrictions.  Please refer to the section below.

  • Spectators must remain socially distanced while in the ice arena.

  • Both the facility operator (rink) and the activity organizer (the entity that purchases the ice time) are responsible for complying with any and all contact tracing requests from the State of RI.

  • All tournaments, games, practices, etc. with out-of-state teams are prohibited.

  • Previous game modifications related to Body Contact have been removed and games will follow most current USA Hockey rules.

  • Referees to minimize player’s deliberate close contact at faceoffs by socially distancing players prior to the drop of the puck.

  • Referees to minimize player’s deliberate close contact with quicker stoppage of play when puck scrums occur along boards or around goal creases.

  • Players are always to wear helmets and gloves during games and practices to avoid skin to surface contact.

  • Only (1) player per team is allowed in the penalty box.

  • Water Bottles will not be shared at any time.

  • No personal hockey equipment shall be shared. 

  • Goalie equipment that is shared for an instructional team must be properly sanitized prior to any use.

  • Locker Room use is allowed as long as social distancing is maintained per CDC and RIDOH guidelines.

  • Showering is not allowed after games or practices.



  • Have a hand sanitizing station at the bench area.

  • Carpooling is strongly discouraged, but in the event that it is required all parties should wear face coverings.

  • Open Doors and/or utilize Makeup air units to allow for fresh air circulation.

  • Players should be encouraged to come to the rink partially dressed to minimize the amount of time required in the rink to get dressed.

  • Referees will be encouraged to use electronic whistles.

  • Referees will be encouraged to wear gloves to avoid skin to surface contact.