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South Coast Hockey League

Game Formats

Full Ice Games - Played at Warburton (Back Rink).  We will play 2 24 minute halves with running time.  Shifts will be 2 minutes and will end with a buzzer.  Lines will be separated by skill level. We will do our best to make this fair

Half Ice Games* - Played at Thayer (Front rink).  we will also play 2 24 minute halves with running time.  Shifts will be 1 minute 30 seconds.  The team will be divided into two teams.  A major and minor team.  The major team will typically consist of players from the top travel teams.  The minor team will consist of players from lower level travel teams and house league players.  This is not a hard and fast rule, but a guideline.  We will do our best to make sure a player is playing in the appropriate game for their skill level.

No Slapshots in either Full Ice or Half Ice games!!!



- The playoff games will be full ice

- There will be a semi-final round and a championship game

- Travel goalies cannot play net. 

- Timing rules will change.  3 x 12 minute periods.  Stop time... like a regular 12-minute period game.

- Overtime - 4-minute sudden death - 4 on 4

- 2nd OT - 4-minute sudden death - 3 on 3

- If the Game is tied after 2 OTs, we will have a shootout.  3 shots per team, top seed shoots second.

* half ice games do not count towards standings